Faith Life

Classroom teachers work in collaborative groups to plan RE units using the Good News for Living curriculum framework. This continues to be an effective model, leading to some valuable teaching and learning.

We celebrate the Eucharist as a whole school at the beginning and end of the year and on St Thomas More’s Feast Day. Throughout the year, we usually celebrate Mass on the first Tuesday of the month in Sacred Heart Church. Classroom RE units on the Mass improve the children’s understanding of what happens at Mass and their familiarity with responses. Each class has regular opportunities to participate in liturgies with Fr. Mark, Fr. Ben or Fr. Crisanto. Grades 3- 6 have opportunities throughout the year for the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Lent and Advent; this is usually the Second Rite.

We celebrate Holy Week and Easter as a whole school with activities appropriate to the age and understanding of the children. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day give us opportunities to celebrate with extended families, building bonds of mutual respect and belonging which characterise our school community. St Thomas More’s Feast Day is a special day of celebration for our community, and we also acknowledge the Sisters of St Joseph, who founded our school, on their Feast Day.

Class prayer is a regular and vital part of our Catholic culture at St Thomas More’s.