Vision for Reconciliation

What is a Vision for Reconciliation?

A Vision for Reconciliation is our overarching, aspirational statement that provides an opportunity to publicly articulate to the wider community what reconciliation means to our school, and what it is that motivates our commitment to reconciliation.

Our Vision for Reconciliation

St Thomas More's Catholic School continues on a journey committed to striving for understanding, respect and harmony between a diverse community of people. 

We will continue to create inquisitive minds that thirst for the knowledge of a culture that is thousands of years old. We will continue to embed cultural knowledge in our everyday practice with respect, using appropriate language,  genuine authentic materials and correct culturally approved information. 

We will continue to foster and grow connections in our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. We are committed to teach our school community the history and truth for First Nations People of lutruwita (Tasmanian's), rectifying myths and false teachings.

We commit to using the knowledge we are gaining to accelerate our mission for reconciliation as we understand there are still many needs, one close to our hearts being closing the gap in literacy for palawa Aboriginal People. Our school is deepening our understanding of palawa culture, history and knowledge to create a relationship between cultures that is built on respect and knowledge encouraging a relationship that allows reconciliation to develop. 

We will continue to access support with this journey from the many diverse palawa communities and organisations where we live that share their knowledge in a culturally appropriate way. Our students are continuing to develop and deepen their understanding of the term 'country' and its meaning for palawa people of lutruwita/Tasmania.