Our Board

The School Advisory Board are a select group of parents and carers appointed to the role of Board member who are empowered to work directly with the Principal and Deputy Principal on matters concerning the governance and operation of the school, including: school policies, curriculum enhancements, strategic planning, and community engagement. They are charged with the responsibility to guide, influence, and shape the decisions of the school, and provide advice and support to Principal in making them.

Please find below the names and tenures of our current School Advisory Board members:

Principal: Casimir Douglas (2022-current)

Deputy Principal: Allison Cornish (2023-current)

Chair: Derek Bye (2021-current)

Deputy Chair/Secretary: Lisa Amerikanos (2022-current)

Treasurer: Marcus Moore (2022-current)

Parish Priest: Fr Chathura Silva (2023-current)

Jaime Foskett (2024-current)

Chris Massey (2019-current)

Rhiannon Menegon (2022-current)