St Thomas More’s offers a range of extra-curricular activities for students to participate in either in-house or through external bodies.

Excursions – teachers plan excursions that relate to and enhance students’ learning or personal wellbeing and development and are offered throughout the year.

Drama Club – the drama club participates in the Launceston Speech and Drama Competitions and Wakakirri.

Choir – the choir performs at the Launceston Music Competitions, Singfest and End of Year school concert.

Music Program – St Patrick’s College run a band and strings program onsite at school where students can learn an instrument and play in a band/ensemble.

Gala Sports’ Days – yr 5/6 students join with other Launceston Catholic schools to participate in a range of sport’s activities.

SRC – students are elected by their peers to represent the student body in the Student Representative Council.

Junior Joeys – students volunteer to be part of a pastoral care group that embodies the philosophy of Mary Mackillop

Maker Space – the library is open each day for Maker Space activities and robotics.

Lego League – a Lego League club meets each week to explore Lego robotics and compete in the First Lego League competition.

Conservation Club – students with an interest in conservation and sustainability strive to make our school and environment a more eco-friendly place.

Yr 5 Leadership Retreat – yr 5 students explore and develop leadership and teamwork skills through a range of activities.

Yr 6 Camp – yr 6 students develop their problem solving, perseverance and resilience skills through a range of activities.

UTAS Science Fair – St Thomas More’s run their own science fair and from which students are selected to attend the UTAS Science Fair.

Launceston Competitions – each class competes in the choral poetry recital, with students having the opportunity to put in individual entries.

Historical Society Competition – students undertake this inquiry-based task as an individual challenge.

Basketball Tournament – St Thomas More’s enters a number of teams in the Launceston basketball tournament each year

Futsal Tournament - St Thomas More’s enters a number of teams in the Launceston futsal tournament each year.